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Teacher donates sanitary products to Oshikoto

Written by on June 10, 2024

What started off as a one-time initiative of donating sanitary pads to gitls to keep them in school has become an annual tradition for Helena Megumbo (29).

Under her brand, Megumbo’s Majestic Work, the northern-based teacher has so far donated 900 pads to eight schools in the Oshikoto region.

“In the beginning, I introduced a new initiative, called ‘Megumbo’s Birthday Donation’, in honour of my birthday,” she says.

She says the primary goal of the initiative was to ensure that young girls and vulnerable pupils can attend school regularly without any disruptions caused by a lack of access to pads.

“Our initiative aims to promote menstrual hygiene, empower girls, reduce stigma and support education,” Megumbo says, adding that this allows girls to focus on their studies and reach their full potential in school.

“Pupils are always grateful to receive our donations, often expressing their appreciation through hugs and thank-you songs,” she says.

Megumbo says the initiative has also brought smiles to the faces of life skills teachers, who are usually turned to for such needs.

“As a teacher myself, I have witnessed the urgent need for sanitary pads in schools, especially in rural areas. This realisation prompted me to use my birthday as an opportunity to seek contributions to support girls in need,” she says.

She said her dreams came true after she shared a poster on social media in March with the message: “Celebrate Megumbo’s birthday in style by donating sanitary pads” under the hashtag #KeepAGirlChildInSchool.

“People have expressed their desire to continue supporting the cause,” she says.

Megumbo says she works closely with a team of individuals, including brand ambassador Ndinelago Emosho.

“We often shop for and deliver sanitary pads together. Emosho was inspired last year and has now launched her own stationery drive this year,” she says.

Megumbo says she has considered expanding the initiative to include toiletries, as she has seen that some pupils, including boys, need these products.

“The needs of the pupils are vast and it is through collective efforts that we can make a difference in the lives of Namibian children. Let us work together to support the youth of Namibia,” she says.

Megumbo says Megumbo’s Majestic Work was established in 2020 and initially offered make-up and nail services.

“Over time, we have expanded our services to include a science game, called ‘30-Second Dive into Science’ and a pad donation initiative to give back to the community.”

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