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Focus Academy hosts first theatre production

Written by on June 10, 2024

The Focus Academy centre in Windhoek hosted its first annual theatre production under the theme ‘Rebel Hearts’ at Academia Secondary School on Friday.

Speaking to Desert Radio on Thursday, centre principal Efe Agbamu said the event saw talented pupils performing music, dance and drama.

She says the show aimed to empower children by emphasising the importance of self-discovery.

The centre’s mission is to create a healthy environment for children and also teach them how to express themselves, Agbamu says.

“The pupils have been preparing for this show and we did a show similar to this last year. Last year, we were kind of linked to the fashion industry and looked for fashion.

“There was pressure last year and the children showed up in their different outfits, including traditional attire,” she says.

Agbamu says this year, the centre chose a different theme because of the work they have done with the children.

Focus Academy is a daycare and play centre offering various extras, she says.

“So, it’s not only swimming, the children also play music, and do all kinds of things,” Agbamu says.

“I see them dance every week, I hear them sing every week and I see them act every week. This is all part of the extras we offer at Focus Academy. So this is now just showing you, the parents, what we do with the children,” she says about Friday’s production.

Agbamu says at the end of the show, the whole centre came on stage to sing and dance together.

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