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Oukwanyama queen is my friend, mentor and leader – Mbumba

Written by on May 8, 2024

President Nangolo Mbumba says Oukwanyama Queen Martha Mwadinomho yaKristian Nelumbu is his friend, mentor and leader.

Ohamba is the vernacular translation of the traditional king or queen in the Oshiwambo language.

Mbumba describes her as a peaceful traditional leader.

The president said this when he visited the queen at her palace at Omhedi in the Ohangwena region on Monday.
“Meekulu [grandmother] is a good leader, a people’s leader, for both the young and the elderly and including everyone.

“It is not only us who saw that meekulu is a good leader. Professor Peter Katjavivi was here recently and I am thankful that he conferred meekulu with an honorary doctorate,” Mbumba said.

He said his visit was due to their long-term friendship.

He thanked the queen for her leadership, and thanked God for blessing her with many years, a kind heart, wisdom, and for everything she has done.

“ . . . not only for those in the Ohangwena region, but the whole country. May god bless her with many more years, strength of heart and wisdom so she can continue to offer us good advice,” he said.

The president commended the queen’s efforts in ensuring access to essential services, such as water, and food security, and for fostering peace within her community.

“I have also come to congratulate her on the well-deserved recognition bestowed upon her by the Namibia University of Science and Technology, honouring her with an honorary doctorate.

“This was done because of what she has done for her people and how peacefully she manages their affairs,” the president said.

Mbumba said the queen allocates land to those who are ready to work.

“We are thanking you for peace and for the love of your people. The people love you,” he said.


The president called on Namibians to cooperate with each other, adding that traditional leaders are the roots of a nation.

“Whether we jump or not, they are our grandparents, because they represent those who came before them. Let’s respect them, because all of them have peace.

“They do not disturb people. Where have you seen a king or queen wanting to beat someone or chase someone? They are always quiet and peaceful and so we should be,” Mbumba said.

He called upon Namibians to help each other, saying all children must attend school, and citizens should clean hospitals when the need arises.

“Even if a bulb is not working, we are waiting for the government from Windhoek to come fix it. Let’s help where we can. Let’s work together and have peace.”

Mbumba said when government officials visit traditional leaders, they leave their positions, rank and file at the door.
“You cannot just come and say that you have this rank, ‘where is meekulu?’.

“If you want to see her, why can’t you ask? Those who help meekulu are there and they will assist you when you must come and what you want to say.

“Traditional leaders must be respected and appreciated and God must bless them,” he said.

Nelumbu earlier this week said she was happy that the president visited her.

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