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‘This man is so greedy’

Written by on April 15, 2024

Nujoma, cousin house feud takes new twist

Sandy Katjimune, the niece of Katutura resident John Katjimune, has accused her uncle of greed and attempting to sell their family home, leaving several family members homeless.

Speaking to The Namibian on Thursday , Sandy claimed her uncle John has been trying to sell the house since their grandmother Alberdine Katjimune’s death in October 2000.

Alberdine is John’s mother.

The Namibian reported last week that John alleged that his cousins minister of labour, industrialrelations and employment creation, Utoni Nujoma and his sister Usuta Imbili claimed that Alberdine’s house belonged to them.
The house is situated in Katutura central.

John is on record saying he wants to sell the house and share the money with his two siblings.

John further alleged that Utoni demolished the house in January 2020 and had it rebuilt without permission. He also claimed
that Utoni, who is the minister of labour, industrial relations and employment creation, also offered to buy the house from him.

Utoni denied these claims last week.

However, Sandy, who is John’s sister’s child, told The Namibian that the house was originally owned by former first lady Kovambo Nujoma, who gave it to her younger sister, Alberdine.

“My grandmother obtained this house through generosity from her sister, Kovambo, when she went into exile, and her sister (Kovambo) did not want her sister to be on the street.”

Sandy also denied John’s custodianship of the house.

During the renovation of the house by Nujoma, Sandy said her uncle John was aware of it and allowed the renovations to proceed.

“He did not stop uncle Utoni from renovating the house. However, he said to the people in the street that he was just waiting for the renovations to be completed so that the house would have more value so that he could sell it,” said Sandy.

Sandy described the dispute as a family matter, unrelated to Nujoma and Imbili.

“It has nothing to do with Utoni and Usuta. The dispute is between me and Ndeshi (John),” she said.

Sandy expressed her opposition to her uncle’s plan to sell the family home, which shelters several family members.

“We stay here. This man is so greedy. He has debts that he has to pay off and now he is trying to sell this house so that he can pay off his debts and is not thinking that he is destroying many people’s lives in the process,” she said.

Sandy also accused her uncle of neglecting municipal bills, which led to the disconnection of water and electricity.

She said her aunt’s intervention assisted the occupants of the house in reconnecting the water and electricity services.

Sandy added that her uncle John was not forced out of the house, but left voluntarily to live with his girlfriend, who later became his wife.

“This person is so ungrateful because of his greediness,” said Sandy.

John did not respond to a text sent to him yesterday.

Imbili said in a statement yesterday that the house originally belonged to their mother. Prior to her departure in 1978 to join the liberation struggle, she transferred ownership to Alberdine.

“Following our aunt’s passing in 2000, the property remains part of her estate to date, with no distribution of inheritance to the children or grandchildren,” she said.

She said the property is occupied by John’s brother, along with the children of his late sister and one surviving child from another sister.

“My brother (Utoni) and I, as a family, have taken responsibility for the maintenance of the property, covering municipal bills, providing for basic needs and financing renovations and expansions, including arrangements for alternative accommodation during renovations,” Imbili said.

Imbili said their opposition to the sale of the property by John is rooted in their concern for the well-being of the occupants, many of whom are orphans and dependants of John’s siblings.

“Our intention has always been to ensure the property remains for the best interest of these individuals,” she said.

Imbili added that at no point has she and Nujoma attempted to claim ownership or prevent John from accessing the property.

“We have simply fulfilled our responsibilities as a family, ensuring the welfare of those dependent on the property,” she said.
John yesterday said he will not put the family on the street if he sells the house.

He said Sandy will get her late mother’s portion of the money if the house is sold.

“She is old enough to rent and look for a job. [Where] was she staying all these years until this year when my sister’s child, who is a student, came to stay there?” John said.

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