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Terrorism accused to apply for bail

Written by on May 2, 2024

A Grootfontein resident arrested on terrorism charges in June last year plans to apply for bail later this month.

Defence lawyer Wihan Brand, who is representing terrorism accused Jona Hangula, has informed the state that Hangula intends to apply for bail during the week from 20 May, deputy prosecutor general Lourens Campher said during an appearance by Hangula in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

Campher relayed this information to magistrate Jurina Hochobes before asking the magistrate to again postpone Hangula’s case for further investigations to be carried out.

Brand objected to the postponement and noted that Hangula (31) has been in custody for more than 10 months following his arrest, without the investigation of the matter having been completed.

He also reminded the magistrate that according to the state, Hangula has been under investigation since 2019.

Hangula says he has been aware of the investigation, has cooperated with the police and did not try to flee from Namibia, although he could have done so if he wanted to, Brand said.

He suggested that the charges should be withdrawn or the case should be struck off the court roll, and that the state can then summon Hangula to again appear in court once its investigation has been wrapped up.

Hochobes granted the postponement the state applied for.

Hangula has to make his next court appearance on 27 August.

Hangula is charged with six counts under Namibia’s Prevention and Combating of Terrorist and Proliferation Activities Act of 2014, which came into operation at the start of July 2014.

He is charged with one count of membership of an organisation involved in terrorist or proliferation activities, two charges of terrorism and funding of terrorist activities, two counts of recruitment of persons to become members of a terrorist organisation or to participate in terrorism or proliferation activities, and one charge of arranging for the retention or control of funds belonging to or controlled by persons involved in terrorist or proliferation activities.

During Hangula’s court appearance on Tuesday, Campher said the case goes to the core of the security of Namibia and the integrity of its state.

He said the matter came to the Namibian authorities’ attention through intelligence received from the United States.

Campher also said Hangula is alleged to have been involved with plans to establish radical Islamic bases in Namibia and southern Angola, and was allegedly involved in social media groups in which support for radical Islamic groups was being spread.

Hangula received N$6,5 million from various institutions outside Namibia, and one company that paid money into his account also brought N$30 million into the country, Campher said.

The sources of that money are still being investigated, he said.

Campher remarked that Namibia is a young democracy that cannot be allowed to become a haven for radicalism.

In terms of the Prevention and Combating of Terrorist and Proliferation Activities Act, someone charged under the act can apply for bail only in the High Court or before a regional court magistrate.

Hangula previously planned to apply for bail during the week from 19 February, but that application did not proceed.

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