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Splitsville: Ohangwena and Kunene join calls to split regions

Written by on June 9, 2024

Proposed names: Kunene south and Okongo

First it was Zambezi, then Oshikoto, now the Ohangwena and Kunene regions have joined the bandwagon of calling for their regions to be split in two.

Last month The Namibian reported that some traditional leaders and residents of the Zambezi region want the border with the Kavango regions to be reinstated. Citing a lack of consultation when the name of the region was changed in 2013, they also called for the return of the name Caprivi as a matter of cultural identity.

They raised their concerns at the regional public consultations by the fifth Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission.

Speaking at the consultation, Zambezi governor Lawrence Sampofu expressed his support of the residents’ demands to shift the border between the Zambezi and Kavango East regions back to the Mukuvi area.

Residents said traditionally the boundary between the two regions was at Mukuvi, however, it was moved to Divundu and, in 2013, moved to Cheto by the previous commission.

This week, residents of Oshikoto region submitted a proposal to the commission for their region to be split in two, arguing that it would accelerate balanced developmental planning and strengthen the country’s regional planning and governance at local level.

Sebastian Ndeitunga


In the latest call, Namibian Sun on Wednesday reported that Ohangwena also proposed to the commission that their region be split into two – with one half to be called Okongo.

Representatives cited the fact that services do not reach the western part of the region and inhabitants continue to live in poverty.

The daily reported Ohangwena governor Sebastian Ndeitunga saying concerned residents called for a new region, because “most of the services end at Eenhana” and those living in the region are forced to travel there to access needed services.

Ndeitunga told The Namibian consultations are still ongoing.

“There are a number of people proposing for the region to be split into two and we respect their proposals. However, as they say, the majority rules. We will go for what the majority are demanding and forward their proposals to the delimitation committee for further deliberations.”

Kaptein Otto :Urib


Meanwhile, during a consultation at Khorixas on Wednesday, Kunene residents submitted a similar proposal to the commission.

Residents want the region to be known as Kunene South due to the vast distances and to accelerate development.

The proposed Kunene South region should consist of the Kamanjab, Outjo and Khorixas constituencies, with Khorixas as the regional capital.

The proposal by Swartbooi Traditional Authority, read by kaptein Otto /Urib noted: “The Kunene region’s scattered population makes it difficult to establish cost-effective infrastructure networks.”

/Urib said according to the Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index report, Kunene was rated as the fifth region most deprived in education, living standards and health dimensions.

/Urib said splitting the Kunene region into Kunene North and Kunene South is a strategic move aimed at enhancing administrative efficiency, economic development, cultural preservation, social cohesion, resource management, security and political representation.

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