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Shikongo calls for patience in police promotions

Written by on June 5, 2024

Namibian Police inspector general Joseph Shikongo has criticised some officers for demanding promotions and neglecting their duties.

Shikongo was speaking at the opening of a police leadership training session at Rundu on Monday.

He said officers should focus on performance and not request promotions when they just got promoted.

Shikongo called out some officers who were recently promoted to the rank of senior inspector who are already asking to be promoted to chief inspector.

Shikongo emphasised that promotions are based on merit.

“Ask yourself, what did I do?”

Shikongo made an example of himself, asserting that he worked hard for his promotions.

“When I became deputy commissioner, I thought that would be my retirement rank. I did not go to sangomas. I did not ask for favour, promotion came automatically. But some of you today, five years after promotion, you are already asking for the next promotion.”

According to Shikongo, some police officers also demand to be given heroes’ medals.

“Who told you that you are a hero? We need to work on ourselves, we need to work on our SWOT [Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats] analysis “ Shikongo said.

He called on police officers to look at themselves before demanding promotions.

“Ask yourself, what did I do? I am not saying people should not write letters to the inspector general for genuine or legitimate cases but it’s not a question to refer to the Constitution.”

He noted that some of the officers demanding promotions have constables under them who have been in that rank for 20 years.

He said when he retires in September, he wants to leave the police in good hands.

He called on commanders to be accessible at any time of the day or night and denounced how some police commanders reportedly tell members of the public not to call them or refer them to junior members.

“We have to be professional in whatever we are doing,” he said, calling on officers to avoid tribalism, racism and discrimination.

Shikongo also urged officers to register to vote in this year’s general elections.

He also appealed to commanders to prioritise good hygiene and cleanliness in the cells.

“Today you are a police officer, wearing a uniform, tomorrow you are an inmate suspected of something. You don’t care to look at the type of food given to the inmates. As long as they’re getting something. Is this a human right issue? You don’t go to the cells and see how clean your cells are.”

He also emphasised the need for safety protocols during meal times and noted that one officer should not be sent alone to feed inmates because he or she could easily be overpowered by the inmates and escape custody.

He further urged commanders to ensure they are doing what they were supposed to do.

“Colleagues, we need to change that. You need to manage that,” he said.

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