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Seibeb ignores directive to retract LPM Nama party claim

Written by on May 16, 2024

Landless People’s Movement (LPM) deputy leader Henny Seibeb has allegedly not complied with the party’s request to record a voice message or video of himself refuting allegations that he said the LPM was initially formed as a Nama party.

Seibeb was quoted in a media report in March saying LPM leader Bernadus Swartbooi had accused him of harbouring intentions to overthrow him and that the LPM was initially formed to represent the Nama people.

LPM spokesperson Lifalaza Simataa told The Namibian last week that following the publication of the article, the party communicated to Seibeb about the need to publicly distance himself from the statement.

He said the party asked Seibeb to adhere to the party’s standard response protocol, which is a signed or stamped document, voice note, or video. However, Seibeb did not comply.

In terms of the action the party will take against Seibeb, Simataa said “protocol has to be followed”.

According to Simataa, Seibeb sent an unsigned and unstamped email document distancing himself from the article in March.

“A request to have the stamp and signature was made by the spokesperson and the operative secretary of the party to confirm authenticity,” Simataa said.

“The party through its channels has communicated with the deputy leader [Seibeb] on the matter since the incident and have expressed how they would like him to express himself on the matter and the standard of response the party would like him to adhere to.”

Seibeb did not respond to questions sent to him on Tuesday.

In the letter to the LPM, Seibeb called the remarks attributed to him “inaccurate”.

He further criticised journalists for engaging in unethical practices when gathering and reporting information.

He claimed that the journalist who authored the article failed to follow standard procedures by not sending him questions for accurate facts and figures.

“I categorically reject the baseless insinuation that LPM is a Nama party. This is further from the truth. It is prudent to inform the public that no formal request for an interview was made and the purported “discussion” lacks coherence, structure and accuracy,” Seibeb noted in his letter.

“It is regrettable that certain individuals within the LPM are targeted, undermining the unity and diversity within the movement. This style of reporting is unprofessional and appears intended to damage my reputation and sow division within the LPM.”

Seibeb said the LPM leadership is determined by the democratic election of its members and it operates in all regions of Namibia.

LPM has recently faced infighting, as well as accusations and insults allegedly being exchanged between senior party members.

In March, LPM deputy secretary general Eneas Emvula labelled Seibeb a “lost soul” on social media.

He told The Namibian at the time that Seibeb “remains a lost soul until such a time he comes clean about the allegations he apparently made publicly”.

At the time, some party leaders accused Seibeb of running a parody Facebook account known as Omusamane Viva Ipinge.

Emvula did not want to disclose what Seibeb reportedly said.

Seibeb has previously described his relationship with Swartbooi as strained.

However, Swartbooi dismissed talk of a party split.

“The LPM will never break apart, no matter how hard attempts are made by anyone. We are just on an amazing growth trajectory,” Swartbooi said.

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