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Say no to sex for funding – IUM tells students

Written by on May 26, 2024

International University of Management (IUM) acting vice chancellor Charles Makanyeza encouraged students to avoid sex for funding at the GoFundMe project launch yesterday.

The project aims to raise N$1 million to assist disadvantaged students with tuition fees, textbooks, accommodation fees and other expenses related to higher education.

Makanyeza urged the students and lecturers involved in the initiative to stay away from nepotism, favouritism, shortcuts and all sorts of “nonsense” that can bring the name of the project and IUM into disrepute.

He said this initiative resonates with the university’s 2024 theme, ‘The year of diligence and concerted efforts towards achieving our set goals’.

Charles Makanyeza

“The GoFundMe initiative enhances the government’s efforts to provide education to the people of Namibia. As we launch the project, let us remember that each contribution, no matter the size, is a building block towards a brighter future,” Makanyeza said, adding that making the project a success requires concerted efforts.

“The good thing is that the dedication and creativity of our students have already set the stage for success and with your support there’s no limit to what we can accomplish,” he said.

During the event, the university raised close to N$90 000 through pledges from IUM management and students.

IUM student representative council (SRC) president Loide Nghuulondo said the amount raised will be distributed among selected applicants based on their financial needs, academic needs, academic merit and commitment to their chosen field of study.

“A lot of students are not able to secure loans from Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund and not all students get scholarships. We even have students that are unable to print an assignment because they do not have the financial means,” she said

Nghuulondo urged the general public to take part in a competition they are launching to help the SRC raise the required funds.

“Please receive this project with an open mind and assist us by taking part, because it will allow students to write their exams and you will help them graduate,” she said.

Meanwhile, IUM director of student and customer liaison Hendrina Udjombala said young people are the backbone of every country and the future of every nation.

Udjombala said it is a reality that most students often find themselves struggling to pay for their tuition, books, housing and other necessary costs associated with pursuing their studies.

She said this initiative will assist in levelling the playing field so that gifted and driven people can pursue their academic objectives regardless of financial standing.

“I now invite all of us to come together and help these young people build a community based movement that supports universal access to education,” Udjombala said.

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