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PDM to approach ECN to acton Nekundi

Written by on May 22, 2024

‘I didn’t send anyone to spread hate speech’ – Shaningwa

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) secretary general, Manuel Ngaringombe says they plan to approach the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) over remarks made by deputy minister of works and transport, Veikko Nekundi calling on his party supporters to bury opposition leaders McHenry Venaani and Panduleni Itula after the November election.

“ Yes we are going to approach ECN,” he told The Namibian yesterday.

Swapo secretary general Sophia Shaningwa says the party has not sent anyone out to propagate hate speech.

“I don’t send any person for that matter and if you have a problem just go to comrade Nekundi and ask him to elaborate more on his statement,” Shaningwa told The Namibian yesterday.

Nekundi was speaking at a Swapo rally at Emono village in the Oshana region on Sunday.

“Hate speeches are all over and I do not know why you want me to reprimand my members if you people cannot reprimand others,” Shaningwa said.

When asked about the electoral code of conduct, Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) spokesperson De Wet Siluka referred The Namibian to the commission’s elections code of conduct.

Veikko Nekundi

“Speakers at political rallies may not use language which incites violence in any form against any other person or group of persons,” the code of conduct says.

It further states “parties will not issue pamphlets, newsletters or posters which contain materials which incite people to violence”.

“All allegations of intimidation and other unlawful conduct in the election campaign will be brought to the attention of the police and to the attention of the Electoral Commission of Namibia at the places where they are alleged to have occurred,” the document reads.

Political analyst Henning Melber on Monday labelled Nekundi’s remarks as shockingly irresponsible requiring underserved condemnation.

Melber said Nekundi should be officially reprimanded by Swapo and should apologise publicly.

At the rally, Nekundi said when he returns to Emono, he wants to see Itula and Venani’s graves at the sport grounds where Sunday’s event took place.

“When I come back here on 28 November, when the election results are announced, I want to see Itula and Venaani’s graves here,” Nekundi said.

He urged residents of Emono village to invite an undertaker to put up a tombstone that cannot be removed by anyone on the graves of the two opposition leaders.

McHenry Venaani and Manuel Ngaringombe


Ngaringombe yesterday said they are considering approaching ECN for recourse.

PDM secretary for information and publicity Hidipo Hamata says the party is deeply disturbed and appalled by the statements made by Nekundi.

PDM strongly condemns these remarks and demands an immediate retraction and apology from Nekundi, Hamata said in a media statement yesterday.

He said this rhetoric is unconstitutional, especially ahead of the upcoming presidential and National Assembly elections.

“We urge all leaders, regardless of their political affiliation, to refrain from making such toxic and harmful statements,” Hamata said.

PDM calls on president Nangolo Mbumba and Swapo’s leadership to publicly denounce Nekundi’s comments and to take appropriate disciplinary action.

IPC national spokesperson Immanuel Nashinge in a media statement on Monday said Nekundi’s remarks are deeply disturbing and wholly inappropriate.

“His statements reflect a desperate attempt to distract the public from pressing issues such as high levels of poverty, the recent reports of drought relief food, high unemployment rates and a host of serious challenges plaguing our country,” Nashinge said.

He added that instead of Nekundi engaging in a meaningful discussion about these critical issues, he chose to make personal attacks and spread what can only be considered ‘misinformation’.

“His comments can be seen as undermining the democratic process and potentially harming political discourse in Namibia. The insinuation that our party president, Panduleni Itula, returned to Namibia only for self-serving reasons is not only false, but a deliberate misrepresentation of his dedication to the country,” he said.

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