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NSFAF extends loans to all higher education and vocational centres

Written by on June 5, 2024

The Ministry of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation through the Namibian Student Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) has extended non-tuition support to eligible students from all higher education institutions and vocational training centres.

This was announced on Wednesday afternoon by higher education minister Itah Kandjii-Murangi.

“As of 2024, all continuing and newly awarded students at these institutions will get an amount of N$10 000 as a student loan for non-tuition fees.

I am in touch with my counterpart, the minister of finance and public enterprises, for these fees to be brought on a par with other institutions,” she said.

Kandjii-Murangi said financial assistance from the government is a lifeline for countless students.

She said their assistance will open doors to educational opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible.

“By enabling students to pursue higher education and technical vocational education and training, we are fostering a generation of skilled professionals, innovative thinkers and responsible citizens who will drive our country’s growth and development,” she said.

This year, the NSFAF received 31 114 applications for financial assistance, of which 23 785 met funding requirements.

Kandjii-Murangi said this is a significant increase of 3 651 funded students compared to those in 2023.

She further urged all 23 785 beneficiaries to submit their contracts without delay to enable timely payments to students.

“I encourage you to embrace this opportunity with determination and dedication,” Kandjii-Murangi added.

The acting chief executive officer of the NSFAF, Kennedy Kandume, reassured all beneficiaries that the fund is working hard to ensure that its mandate is fulfilled.

“That is to provide financial assistance to eligible Namibian students, in pursuit of Namibia’s human resource development goals,” Kandume said.

Namibian National Student Organisation (Nanso) national secretary for higher education, Helena Neema said the leadership is elated that NSFAF and the ministry of higher education has extended the benefit of payment of non-tuition fees to students.

“We welcome the inaugural N$10 000, however, we look forward to seeing an increase in the amount in the near future. The only legitimate student movement of Namibia, Nanso, will continue to actively advocate for equitable access to quality education in so far as funding is concerned,” she said.

According to one of the students at Triumphant College, Lydia Kahumba, they are grateful as they feel that their plea has been heard.

“We are very happy that the government and NSFAF have heard our pleas because we have been crying for this for years,” she said.

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