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New Namcor board to trigger leadership change

Written by on June 26, 2024

The appointment of a new board at the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (Namcor) is set to lead to changes at the parastatal, including the role of managing director.

Key changes include the conclusion of the disciplinary hearing of suspended Namcor managing director Immanuel Mulunga and advocating for interim managing director Ebson Uanguta to become the substantive leader of the company.

These developments are reportedly expected to be clarified before the new board, chaired by Florentia Amuenje, assumes office on 1 July.

The term of the current board, led by chairperson Jennifer Comalie, ends this month.

However, Mulunga’s supporters claim that the outgoing board is pressuring the chairperson of the disciplinary hearing to finalise the verdict before the end of June.

Mulunga, who has been suspended for 14 months, faces charges for authorising a N$100 million payment for an Angolan oil block and for his alleged involvement in a N$53-million transaction with military contractor Enercon.

Mulunga’s disciplinary hearing is being chaired by retired Supreme Court judge of appeal Gerhard Maritz.

Ebson Uanguta

Maritz couldn’t be reached for a comment.

Comalie said: “I have never dealt with the judge and do not have his contact details. You can contact management.”

Mulunga’s lawyer Jermaine Muchali said the current or incoming board has no authority to dictate to the chairperson in terms of the hearing’s finalisation.

“The chairperson became the overseer of the hearing. The current and/or the incoming board has no authority to dictate to the chairperson when or how the hearing must come to finality.”

Muchali said he is confident that the disciplinary hearing’s chairperson will be fair and he believes he will not be rushed.

“The chairperson is a highly decorated retired Supreme Court judge, who will never succumb to any pressure from any natural person or legal entity,” he said.

Muchali said Mulunga’s hearing has so far been fair and impartial.

According to Muchali, a fair hearing equally encompasses that the chairperson has the right to deliver the ruling within a reasonable time considering the complexity of Mulunga’s hearing.

Sources say Mulunga is set to leave Namcor either through a mutual agreement, resignation or termination of contract

Over the years, the company has been immersed in debt, power struggles, drug accusations, mismanagement of funds, managing directors’ suspensions and allegations of corruption.

With Uanguta at the helm, the company is now working on short term and long term strategies. In April, Namcor got a bailout from the government worth N$1,2 billion to stabilise its operations.

Jennifer Comalie


Uanguta, who has been acting as managing director of Namcor since January, is set to continue on an interim basis.

“The initial time frame of six months is subject to an extension as and when required with the approval of the Namcor board of directors and the line ministry,” Namcor spokesperson Paulo Coelho confirmed to The Namibian this month.

“He (Uanguta) will continue in this role until further notice. Any decisions regarding the extension of his contract or any changes in his position will be formally communicated in due course,” Coelho said.

Coelho further said Uanguta has brought stability to the scandal hit Namcor but noted that the company is unable to consider any appointment for a long-term managing director until the disciplinary hearing is concluded.

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