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Namibia has a leadership problem – Kavihuha

Written by on April 18, 2024

Trade Union Congress of Namibia secretary general Mahongora Kavihuha says that Namibia has a leadership problem as those who occupy the positions are in the wrong places.

During a media briefing in Windhoek yesterday, Kavihuha said the problems Namibians face are tied to governance.

“Namibia is suffering from leadership problems. Namibia is suffering because of wrong people being at the right places or right places given to wrong people. So there are issues of governance and of the participation of citizens within this governance,” said Kavihuha.

He said that it is the state’s responsibility to take care of its citizens.

“A human being must be taken care of by the state, from their own resources, from the day they are conceived in their mother’s womb, until the day that you are getting six feet down, under the ground,” said Kavihuha.

During the briefing, the union announced that it will be hosting its 5th congress at Walvis Bay next week.

Kavihuha also announced the union’s intention to call for a restructuring of the Social Security Commission into a broader social protection commission at the congress.

He said there is a need to move away from the focus of security, which only caters to a portion of the population actively employed, and towards a more inclusive approach that includes all citizens.

Kavihuha said during the congress, the union will address issues regarding economic transformation, job creation, governance, participatory democracy, resource redistribution, and social development.

He said the current economic structures disadvantages a lot of Namibians, leading to high unemployment rates and a widespread informal economy.

“We know that the structure of our economy is not allowing the Namibian people to play a role. That’s why most of us have been pushed into the informal economy,” said Kavihuha, adding that the congress will focus on addressing Namibia’s income inequality.

Namibia currently ranks as the second most unequal nation globally, following behind South Africa.

He said there is a need for resource redistribution and wealth distribution to ensure all Namibians benefit from the nation’s resources.

“It’s high time for us as the labor movement to look for and interrogate the issues of redistribution of resources and how we can share the resources. We don’t want a situations where Namibian people become spectators when it comes to benefits that are derived from our national resources,” said Kavihuha.

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