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‘My husband locked himself in room to play games – and ignored our crying baby’

Written by on May 31, 2024

A woman has been urged to divorce her ‘childish’ husband who locked himself in a room to play games while ignoring their crying baby. She explained how their 13-month-old is teething and is fussier than normal because of it – but her husband doesn’t have the patience to tolerate it.

Rather than tend to their crying infant, he locked himself in their bedroom, put headphones on, and started gaming. Venting on Reddit, she said: “I asked my husband at the beginning of bedtime to pick up some Tylenol, which he moaned about because he had ‘just gotten into the lobby of his game’ but he did it anyway.

“I gave baby the Tylenol and then I tried everything I could think of but after three hours I was at the end of my rope and asked my husband to take a turn. I went to go get him to find his door was locked. I finally got into the room to find him gaming with his headphones on. I reminded him he had a baby in pain I’d been struggling with for hours, and his response was ‘You already interrupted me once you’re not harassing me again’.”

Wanting a clear answer from him, she directly asked him whether he was purposely ignoring their crying child to play video games – with her saying he answered: “Yup, pretty much”. In an update, she shared how she has reached out to a lawyer for a consultation, seeking to leave her husband.

Sharing her upsetting reality, she added: “I’ve been reaching out to lawyers for consults and looking into housing options. Just laying low, loving and taking care of my baby, trying to figure all this out.’

She said: “I came home from work today with an overwhelming amount of housework to do. Dishes, dinner, cleaning, and especially laundry.

“I ask him to start putting laundry away, sorting, turning laundry over, literally anything to help. Nope, ‘What, do you need it right now’ and ‘No, my stomach hurts’. The baby was starting to get fussy and clingy while I did it myself, so I took him to my husband’s room and put him on the bed next to him, telling him if he was not going to do anything he could at least cuddle baby while I do it.

“He’s whining and moaning and I walked away and I’m halfway down the hall when I hear poor baby fall off the bed and start screaming.” Following this, her husband started screaming at her claiming she doesn’t love their baby, and “tossed him like garbage”, upsetting her even further.

Seeking advice, she added: “I didn’t engage, just made baby dinner and took him back when I was done. Haven’t talked to him the rest of the evening but the first thing I’m telling him is we’re done. I don’t know where to go from here. I’m waiting to hear back from lawyers, I have no idea what to do about the house, and custody/child support/alimony is making my head spin (I make more money).”

Responding to her heartbreaking post, one user said: “Say nothing until the lawyer tells you to. Journal every incident where his neglect harms the baby, when he refuses to engage, when he calls you names, locks himself in the room so he cannot parent… do not include any emotions, facts only.

“You want all the documentation you can get. He honestly sounds like a danger to your child so you absolutely need to document, document, document.” Another user added: “I wouldn’t tell him anything until you have talked to a lawyer and take the first steps for getting you and baby out of there.” A third user said: “Your first objective is to get you and your baby to safety. That’s all that matters. Don’t say anything until you have done this.” –

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