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Khorixas seeks land solutions for farmers

Written by on April 20, 2024

The Khorixas Town Council says it will identify plots for farmers on the outskirts of the town.

This is to solve the challenges posed by livestock roaming around the north-western town.

Town council spokesperson Samson /Ochurub says local authority councillors on Monday discussed the possibility of identifying plots for farmers outside the boundaries of Khorixas.

“Nowhere does the Local Authorities Act permit farming inside the town. However, if the town council identifies an area, for instance a one-hectare plot for the farmers, such identified places will be at the outskirts of the town.

“This would be due to hygiene, health and safety issues as animal husbandry has pros and cons.”

/Ochurub says the town council is working “around the clock”.

“We know the people who are farming; we know their houses. We want to come up with amicable solutions for this problem,” he says.
/Ochurub says the town council condones farming outside the boundaries of Khorixas.

“Khorixas has boundaries within which development should take place. This development includes residential, business and government offices, which make services accessible to residents,” /Ochurub says.

Khorixas mayor Patience !Hoaes says: “We have noticed that farming is now getting out hand at Khorixas. Everyone is starting to farm.”

She says livestock farming contributes to the town’s infrastructure being vandalised.

“We are urgently and aggressively looking into that. Very soon, farmers will be dealt with. Veterinary laws do not allow farming,” !Hoaes warns.

Residents of Donkerhoek informal settlement frequently complain about their neighbours’ farming activities.

“One cannot breathe or sleep properly. Goats’ urine stinks. It’s unhealthy, the town council must do something,” resident Susanna Mutenki says.

A farmer, who prefers to remain anonymous, says: “We know farming is not allowed, but drought has forced us to bring our livestock here.”

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