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I didn’t fail to deliver the houses – Hauwanga

Written by on June 13, 2024

Northern businessman Ben Hauwanga of BH Properties has denied allegations that he failed to deliver a housing project expected to construct 506 houses at Ompumpu, Oshakati.

Hauwanga recently told The Namibian the Oshakati Town Council failed to construct a sewage pump that was part of the agreement.
“You can not construct houses without sewage systems. We don’t know where the sewage pipes would run, therefore, we needed to wait until the pump [is] put up,” he said.

So far, three houses have been constructed for demonstrations purposes, he added.

“I analysed shortages and the need of housing in the town, wrote a proposal to the council and they approved,” he said.

Hauwanga claimed the agreement stipulates that he would construct the houses and only start paying the town council once the houses are occupied.

Hauwanga further said the servicing of the land started last week and construction is expected to start soon.

He said the target is to construct 10 houses per month.

“I don’t understand why people assume I failed. I have always tried to do things the right way. I was never involved in corruption scandals in my business life,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, Oshakati mayor Leonard Hango denied that there was such an indication in the agreement.

Hango said a pump station can not delay a project for two years.

He added that when they saw the project’s lack of progress, they called Hauwanga four times to discuss the matter but he never showed up.

“It’s faster to construct a pump station than houses. That is our baby and we are taking care of it,” Hango said.

He further said the town council has made provision in the budget for the construction of the sewage pump station.

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