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End-of-term test series introduced

Written by on May 16, 2024

Executive director of education, arts, and culture Sanet Steenkamp has announced that pupils in grades 4 to 9 will be participating in an end-of-term test series, instead of writing examinations.

“It’s a one-hour test series, and since the tests are only one hour long, learning is expected to continue afterward. Pupils should not be given any homework following the tests,” she said on Thursday.

The test series is a result of the ministry’s current two-term system.

“The test series is designed to be challenging and provide a comprehensive report that informs parents about their children’s current progress and mastered competencies,” Steenkamp said.

This comes after Namibian Sun reported that schools in the Oluno circuit were cancelling May and June examinations due to financial constraints.

“Money has been made available for pupils, and discussions on the budget has taken place much earlier.

“Every month, the ministry receives a resource allocation from the Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises, which is used as a continuation budget,” she said.

More than 550 payments have been processed through the finance ministry, and the process is ongoing.

Payments commenced in April and will continue through May, Steenkamp said.

Funds for practical subjects, hygiene packages (N$15 per pupil), and other resources have also been sent to schools.

Steenkamp urged school principals and boards to ensure they budget effectively so that funds could last until the next financial year, which begins in April.
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