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Business owners, cops in fraud investigation

Written by on May 21, 2024

The police are investigating a complaint against two police officers who allegedly received bribes and certified forged official documents, helping two business owners in allegedly defrauding a Namibian woman, Theopolina Dayakohambo, of N$772 100 through a cash investment deal.

The two accused of defrauding Dayakohambo are Nigerian-born Namibian Magana Gure and Zimbabwean Joseph Kasacha, owners of Gure Motors Tech CC.

Dayakohambo was allegedly defrauded last year when she entered into a cash investment agreement for a shipment of vehicle parts from Japan.

According to the court documents, the total amount of the victim’s loss is N$772 100.

However, the criminal charge of the loss according to the police is N$627 000.

Inspector general Joseph Shikongo, in an interview with The Namibian in March, acknowledged the internal investigations regarding the two accused officers.

He said no evidence of bribery was found against the two officers.

“This office is investigating a complaint against the police officers and it must be clearly noted that there are no criminal cases registered against the police officers and there is no prima facie evidence to justify a criminal offence of bribery,” Shikongo said

“The officers were told to give their side of the story in relation to the allegations of misconduct in terms of the police manual chapter. It is worth noting that there was no action taken against the other officer because there was no proof of bribery at the time he was investigating the complainant’s case of theft under false pretence,” he said.

Shikongo urged the public to help the police in the case, asking that anyone with tangible information come forward.
“The case of fraud under false pretense against the two accused was transferred to the commercial crime investigations division for further investigation due to the amount of money involved,” he said.

Kasacha was arrested on 18 December 2023 by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security officials on charges of illegal immigration, while on 21 December, Gure was arrested on charges of fraud.

Both accused appeared on charges of fraud and were granted bail of N$3 000 each on 27 December 2023, with conditions that they are not allowed to interfere with ongoing investigations.

The accused again appeared in court on 4 March 2024, and according a court order, the investigations are not yet finalised, as there are still bank statements outstanding.

The matter is postponed to 28 May 2024.

Documents seen by The Namibian show that the victim agreed to a six-month investment, with a 5% monthly return for the first 3 months, effective from 1 October 2023, and a 10% monthly return for the remaining three months.

High Court documents show the Gure Motors partners have paid the first two months’ interest, but later on breached the contract agreement.

They failed to show shipment goods, prompting the victim to report the matter to the police.

The charges of accused have also failed to deliver a vehicle to Dayakohambo after an agreement facilitated by the Namibian police.

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) spokesperson Josephine Nghituwamata confirmed that the case of the involved police officers, and that of bribery, was brought to their office.

“Please be advised that we have received the matter, but it is in advanced stages with the Namibian Police. It should be noted that the police have a broad mandate, including investigating allegations of corruption, so the ACC advised the complainant to wait for the police to complete their investigation,” she says.

According to a letter dated 5 January 2024, written to the prosecutor general’s office, the victim also opposed granting bail to the accused.


When approached for a comment regarding the allegations, Kasacha refused to comment, stating that the matter is in court.

“For now l am not going to give any comment, because that matter is still in court,” he said.

Business partner Gure shared the same sentiments.

“Those are very strong allegations that she is making, because as we speak, the matter is in court, let her do what she wants,” he said.

Documents seen by The Namibian show that the case’s docket has been submitted to the prosecutor general’s office for further investigations.

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